all for charity

Martin Bulloch is the drummer from Scottish punksters Mogwai. Less well-known is the fact that Martin wears a pacemaker on his heart, a pacemaker that’s currently up for auction on eBay, with all the proceeds going to the British Heart Foundation. Thrown into the package are a bunch of band rarities as well, so there’s no excuse for not bidding. I just hope he’s washed it first. And that he’s remembered to have a new one fitted.

For the full story, check out the BHF’s website.


  1. A few years ago I purchased an album by Mogwai I think it was called “Come On Die Young – C.O.D.Y”, which I just couldn’t get on with at all. The trouble was that the music seemed to be so depressingly slow and uneventful, and I can indeed remember thinking that it would be really rather difficult to play the drums at such a ponderous tempo without drifting off the beat. Well, perhaps that’s how that drummer managed it – he was fitted up with a built-in metronome! Either that or his doctor had told him to “take it easy”. Anyway, as with other albums I’ve occasionaly bought and then taken a disliking to, I ended up throwing the CD out of the window of my car in the hope that it might be chanced upon on the roadside by some more appreciative individual (a jogger perhaps).

    And can I just say “Gerry and the Pacemakers” before anyone else?

  2. oh yeah, lets all put some unused bodyparts up for auction!

  3. Heh. I used to work for eBay in the Fraud and Investigations department, and we saw some of the STRANGEST things auctioned off. I remember someone tried to sell their soul.

  4. who knows but i think i like scottish punk, dont’ care much for your run of the mill angry american nonsense but this stuff is not so bad….