alone again or

Happy bleedin’ Valentine’s Day indeed. To mark the occasion, I’ve made a special card for single men who want to express their desire for that certain special lady. It’s unique amongst Valentine’s cards in not shirking from the absolute truth of these matters. Get posting.


  1. Fraser,

    How about a card that LADIES can send to their loved ones?

  2. my sentiments exactly!

  3. Hmm, do I detect a tinge of bitterness?

    Fraser, you’re very edible, stop tugging yourself and tell us what sort of lady you would like to meet, so that we can get on the case!

    But.. are you sure you are willing to switch to a life of clean underwear, fresh food in the fridge, hygenic bathrooms, herbal teas with organic honey, PMTs and cuddles?

  4. brat! come on, be creative. there’s lots of fun british slang that is used for the female….but i’m no poet.
    maybe one of your other visitors will offer some help?

  5. Siria: you misread me – there’s no bitterness. I like Meg’s cards a lot.

    As for the clean underwaer and fresh food, I don’t do too badly on that front. Maybe not the herbal tea, though.

    Anjanette: OK, but you’ll regret this.

    Roses are red
    I’m going to be blunt
    I’ll give you a quid
    If you show me your c…

    err… perhaps not.

  6. it’s perfect!!! i love it!

    now let’s all have a fuck valentine’s day party! get drunk and piss in a some public place where a cherub statue exists!

    i loved meg’s cards btw thanks for the link i forwarded it on to fellow scrooges. :)

  7. Happy Fucking Valentine’s Day.

  8. Do I have to send it to a lady?