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The most popular blogjam entries ever:

The first post is full of people who say “fucking” a lot and argue about conspiracy moon theory. The second is stuffed to the gills with Japanese ascii art. The next is full of strange, possibly under-educated Americans and repeated use of the word “faggot.” Fourth up is some regular readers delightfully toying with my website in the full knowledge that I’m climbing glaciers in Chile and aren’t there to keep control of them, and the last (assuming this list stays in the order in which it started) features a variety of people engaged in witty discourse on the nature of sex and death.

And just to think, this is a free service…


  1. Fuck off, you chr(13)-less mountain climbing faggot. I’d rather fuck a dead lemur than read another one of your posts.

    Or something equally hamusing.


  2. I’d just like to be the second person on this thread to say “fuck”.

    Thank you.

  3. Nice one compadre. Excellent swearing skillz.

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