vent 1000

i am the uggliest person alive. i am so ugly. just make me pretty. please, im begging you. have pity. i dont believe in god, but if there is some force out there listing or watching me type this right now, please, please just have pity on me and make me really pretty. not stuck up, just really pretty. thanks, if you are out there and you will grant me this wish. please, make me pretty sooon. before i go to school in a month or so. please, if your there, please make me pretty

Of course, a terribly sad quote like this can only mean one thing: Vent has been updated, and now contains exactly 1000 entries. To celebrate this landmark I’ve added a category counter, which reveals some interesting quirks:

  • parents do not generally vent about their children.
  • twice as many women vent about current and ex-boyfriends as men who vent against current and ex-girlfriends.
  • fathers are more frequently vented against than mothers.
  • the most popular category is ‘my friend’ followed by ‘myself.’

    Happy 1000th, Vent. Long may you host everyone else’s vitriol.


    1. hurray for you fraser. hurray.

    2. vent now takes you to a site called is it still around & how can i reach it?

    3. oh. i just realized vent is over four years old. shame.