secret santa part III

I hate November. Temperatures cool, the Christmas lights start to go up, adverts for Ferrero Rocher (the chocolate with a possibly ironic fanclub), Cointreau and Obsession for Men begin to fill up the TV advertising schedules, and the annual Secret Santa e-mail brings a dreaded reminder of the bleak and lonely Christmas to come.

No, wait. I love Secret Santa. So I’ve updated my wishlist. Let no-one say that I’m not willing to enjoy the festive season, even if it’s in perhaps a rather mercenary fashion.


  1. Good to see that you have coolness, Christmas lights, chocolates, Cointreau, gifts and new underpants on your mind already. Less than six weeks to go… Ho Ho Ho ;-)

  2. That’s the Furtive season, is it?

  3. I’ve sometimes wondered if anyone’s bought something for someone off a wish list, like, ever.

  4. Pete: Yes, both of whom have ben known to comment here.

  5. Tuva or Bust.

    Merry Christmas.

  6. Just to let you know, Ferrero Rocher is my favourite ice-cream flavour. (Yes, we do have that as an ice-cream flavour in Turin – you even get small pieces of chocolate and/or nuts scattered inside it.)

    (Oh, and this is mostly a ping to show that I do read your blog every now and then.)

  7. I hate November at the moment purely because I’m in Sydney, it’s 29 degrees, there’s Christmas decorations in all the shops, they’re playing crap Seasonal songs and I’m trying to get a job (no, i’m not going to become a Santa as like everything else here you need a certifcate). I even had the pleasure to see a Christmas Show sponsored by a well known department store on Saturday. Christmas in the southern hemisphere is just wrong.