vent 1123

Fans of my portal of emotional bile, Vent, will be very pleased to note that I’ve added another 122 entries this evening. There’s the usual mix of desperate realisation and hopeless despair, pure hatred and criminal intent, plus lots of lousy spelling. Rather thrillingly, I’ve also been vented against personally for the first time, whilst another reader has thoughtfully submitted a rather lengthy recipe for shark soup instead of the usual therapeutic letter. As I’m not sure it fits quite comfortably within Vent’s tormented pages, I’ve given this mouth-watering bit of prose it’s own spot on the web. Bon Appetit.

In other news, my rip-off of someone else’s spoof has in turn, well, been spoofed.


  1. nice vent for a kiwi :P

  2. Hey whatever happened to vent? That was such a great site! Bring it back Please!