not me

While the cream of the UK blogging ‘community’ head for Clerkenwell to dance and argue about who is going to win the Guardian British Blog awards tonight, all furiously documenting the evening’s progress on their sites via bluetooth-enabled PDAs and GPRS-ready mobile phones, I’ll be wrapped up warm and snug at home with a copy of Tuva or Bust: Richard Feynman’s Last Journey, very kindly purchased from my wishlist by Barbara from South Queensferry (about ten miles West of Edinburgh, last time I checked). Thanks, Barbara!

Or at least that’ll be my alibi if I’m ever questioned about the series of seemingly random burglaries committed at the empty homes of British webloggers this evening.


  1. be sure to wear your jammies and cape

  2. Don’t worry folks, he’s tied up with his own string in a dustbin in Weymouth.