do me bad things

In 1974 critic Jon Landau chanced upon a live show by a youthful Bruce Springsteen, immediately proclaiming him to be the ‘Future of Rock n Roll.’ Tonight at London’s Metro venue I saw witnessed Croydon outfit Do Me Bad Things, and while I won’t be risking my unfathomably enormous reputation in the fashion of the esteemed Mr Landau, I will predict that 2004 will be a very successful year for the band, a somewhat extraordinary combination of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Queens Of The Stone Age. There’s three main singers: two men in Alice Cooper makeup and a girl probably called Aisha or Lakisha or Shemika or something who looks as if she’s left a Saturday job at JD Sports to howl like Mary J. Blige fronting the Spiders from Mars. She’s brilliant, blinged to the gills and sweltering the nastiest kind of sex appeal. The rest aren’t far behind, a unholy mix of council estate chic and glam rock penache. It’s as if the Polyphonic Spree have split into two, with a subversive splinter group electing to worship at the feet of Satan, experiment with crazy yet glamourous designer drugs and practice guitar with Eddie Van Halen. Quite, quite excellent – and remember kids, you read it here first.

I’ve just realised that there’s probably people reading this who have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about. Sorry about that.


  1. Dear boy, ya not wrong, those Do Me Bad Things were rockin’ the house that fatal nite. I was fortunate enough
    to be there, and everything you say is true. I’d like to inform you that the affore mentioned blinged up, JD sports saturday worker is nun other than Chantal Dellusional. She surely is a star. I look forward to much more fun with those boys and girls.

  2. I heartily concur, also having witnessed the aforementioned spectacle in a mixture of awe and bewilderment. They were like 10 bands for the price of one, spanning everything from rap, metal, goth, glam, soul and several genres in between with zealous abandon. Every band should be like this, although I fear they will prove too eclectic for mass appeal. In any event, I can’t wait to see them again.

  3. Hey dudes -agree sum, heck thems kool as green ants. jumpin’, leapin’, throwin’ all that fire in de air man. them boys is great, but them rock blinged up chix in the corner huggin’ their ‘phones and the crazy ass wigglin one in the FRONT – jus do mah head in: thems GREAT – they is LOUD

  4. Yeah. I agree. Nice tasteful comments about Chantal. You are a true gent. Cock.

  5. Yo, love the do me bads. These guys were on fire. i love them!

  6. Aisha or Lakisha or Shemika AKA Chantal!

    I must say, I quite like your diction… However, my Mother sadly didn’t name me any of the above.
    Glad you were there, glad you kinda liked the show, but I am disheartened to know that I came across to you in such a manner. I assure you, I own no track suits, JD or otherwise.
    I can’t express enough the degree to which your initial thoughts are wrong about me and my ‘council estate’ girls are wrong. Never mind, I don’t take the opinion of critics to seriously.
    I feel you may have lost the plot somewhere between the miss spelling of Mary J. Blige, my Saturday job and Satan, so if you wanna get what you actually missed, get cha’ ass down to The Mean Fiddler on the 8th of Dec.
    p.s. I agree with your prediction. x

  7. The Bad Things are the BOMB!
    Rumour has it that they are to be signed immenently and
    I just heard they’re supporting Turbonegro on the 8th December! I’m there!

    P.S : The Scottish one’s got a mighty fine ass!

  8. Can’t find anything at my favourite music store (MLDonkey). Is there any chance to listen to miss Skamesha online?

  9. Aisha or Lakisha or Shemika AKA Chantal: sorry if offended – you’re quite correct to not take me seriously. I have also corrected the typo. Thanks.

    vb: there’s no music released by Do Me Bad Things yet, but I hear rumours of a forthcoming single…

  10. …entitled “Stop Kissing Me”. Coming soon. On pink vinyl, natch.

  11. …STOP PRESS: Do Me Bad Things debut singlewilll be released on smoking Gun records in coming weeks. Though unfortunately no longer on lally pink vinyl…….. now on death black wax. It fucking rocks.

  12. i have to see do me bad things again….
    i can not find anything else on the band.
    please let me know anything.

  13. Fraser, you are no gentleman. Chantal not only has the best ever nom de rock, she is way out of your league, and far too cool to deal with us members of the Fourth Estate. I’m especially impressed by the bass player’s, er, uniquely customised kecks. Always good to see a band prepared to wear their heart on their arse, so to speak.


    …will be operational within the next few days! Plenty of tasty facts to wasah your bits wtih there!

  15. I have to agree with most of the comments here. I am the brother of one of the (male) singers and feel with a bit of luck good things will happen….and so they should.
    The whole band, minus maybe one or two, came to my house party on Saturday night. There’s f****** loads of them.

  16. does anyone know how i can get hold of a record. Cannot find any website-contact stuff for smokin gun reords?!!!

  17. Hi fraser just to say cheers for the little write in the independent means a lot hopefully we can fulfill what is expected of us.

    Cheers again heres to 2004

    Nik DMBT

  18. Looking forward to hearing this single a lot!!

    Any Gigs coming up?

  19. Hi pat, We’re playing the Barfly, 23rd Jan. Checkout the website for more info.

  20. quality, hope to see you at the Cartoon on the Monday too :-)

  21. 26th January The Do Me Bad Things are playin cartoon, i demand u cum along because not only will they be playin but a band called Day of Defeat, my mates band who are awesome and this will be their first gig, u shud check em out…2 great bands in one night, cant be missed!

  22. Mat, you can buy the single online @ I just bought 2 :)

  23. yo catch them live at the old blue last 39 great eastern street london ec2

    everything you do is a baboon presents:
    do me bad things
    simian mobile disco
    wide awake club
    monkey demons of rock
    and booze til 2am
    25th march 2004 8 while 2… get it.

  24. ah do me bad things are magic, i do hope to see them crazy guys sooooooon, cant wait till that moment, they rock

  25. DMBT Rock, just got their STANDARDS e.p. very bluesy. And to whoever wrote this article…fuck you!
    Any more of that talk about chan dellusional and i’ll have to ‘verbally’ bitch-slap you…

    P.S DMBT Rock!