happy b-day

Crikey. I just realised that blogjam reached the grand old age of three a few days ago. It’s a victory for quantity over quality. Hurrah.


  1. Happy Bday Blogjam!!

    A triumph of modernism over uber-constructed parallisms of subtext and meme. Subtle yet overtly obtuse, its a relinquishment of rational control from the reins of culture-specific obsequiousness.

  2. Happy BDay to blogjam!

    And thank you so much for providing a place for venom, self-hatred, and all that other good stuff. Long live Blogjam & Vent!

  3. Yay! Happy happy birthyday!
    Here’s to the next three years.

  4. once again i’m late: happy happy, joy joy! anyway. and many thanks of course. without blogjam there would be no chezlubacov.

  5. (Belated) Congratulations

  6. cheerioh and happy bday
    to the first blog I ever read. always good fun to read. but I really miss the link to these chezlubacov pages with the naked one. unforgettable. really.

  7. Happy happy b-day!!!
    And happy happy new year too!!

  8. hippy barfday blogita