sugarless cancer

I love this weblog. It’s got everything… the music, the characters trailing from the rather spiffy Sonic the Hedgehog cursor, the marvellous choice of font (viner hand itc, anyone?), the animated background. Genius. I think I may redesign.


  1. My mission is over. I may as well jack it in right now.

  2. *covers her eyes* oh the pain!!!! although the sonic cursor did bring back some memories of the good ol sega master *LMAO*

  3. You need to make your site more readable. You need to take note of the language usage, rather than the design of this is. ‘cuz i was like all… and he was all… and this one time… at band camp…

  4. THIS IS SO COOL! I had no idea people promoted my blog! Thanks ;-)!!

    I never knew I was this loved! yay!

  5. LMFAO!!!
    Well well C.C.. People seem to love your blog. I do too which is why I had you do mine over for me. Lol.

  6. That last comment I made.

    I never knew I was this loved! yay!

    That was sarcasm.