blogjam stats

Here’s some blogjam statistics, up to and including the previous entry:

1033 – Number of entries
3253 – Number of comments
81391 – Number of words in total
474214 – Number of characters
127009 – Number of syllables
11555 – Number of unique words featured
22 – Number of occurances of the word “kitten”
16 – Number of occurances of “penguin”
18 – Number of occurances of “porn”
5675 – Number of sentences in total
1014 – Number of paragraphs
14.34 – Average words per sentence
1.56 – Average syllables per word
10.64 – “Fog” readability index
60.26 – “Flesch” readability index
8.42 – “Kincaid” reability index

Readability Measures:
(These descriptions are taken from the documentation accompanying the Lingua::EN::Fathom perl module).

The Fog index, developed by Robert Gunning, is a well known and simple
formula for measuring readability. The index indicates the number of
years of formal education a reader of average intelligence would need to
read the text once and understand that piece of writing with its word
sentence workload:

18 – unreadable
14 – difficult
12 – ideal
10 – acceptable
8 – childish

This score rates text on a 100 point scale. The higher the score, the easier it is to understand the text. A score of 60 to 70 is considered to be optimal.

This score rates text on U.S. grade school level. So a score of 8.0
means that the document can be understood by an eighth grader. A score
of 7.0 to 8.0 is considered to be optimal.

So there you go. Christ, I must be bored.

Stats courtesy of the MTWordStats plugin for Movable Type.

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  1. porn beats penguins … ?