episode six

Progress was slow again in class this evening, as the battle of the swots versus the remedials reached a critical level. The tutor spends his time rushing round the room attempting to teach one thing to everyone, then covertly gathers the bright sparks around a single PC to demonstrate what else can be achieved with the same technique. I was able to produce a new magnum opus, however, a small film demonstrating my ability to create sloppily animated buttons. I call it Goat! Gibbon! Greyhound! Goose! You’ll see why.


  1. Aargh, my eyes. I’m not at all happy with the expanding badger sequence, it’s going to have disturbing little images wandering through my mind all day.

  2. Holy Mary, Mother of God. Have you no shame? I don’t even think that’s legal…

  3. It’s like a rorschach test that *forces* you to see bad things.

  4. You’ve made baby Jesus cry. Now he’s going to get Judas Iscariot to eat your brains.

  5. Dear Fraserr,

    I can now confirm that after watching this animation that I have given up my constant cravings for LSD.

    Scary badgers and dinosaurs is one thing, but when you add the freako music and a rotating otter’s head, it just becomes to much for delicate mind like mine.

    Although I must commend you on the appearance of the ligers at the end.

  6. I don’t get what everyone else is so pissy about. I liked it a lot, especially the part with the penguins and Imelda Marcos.

  7. stylish, riveting and appalling.
    that was indeed a shocking visualization of the violence, sleeze and fraudulence attached to the internet.
    i need a wash.

  8. how dare you insult my culture like that. we feel strongly about that type of thing and to directly mock it as you did pains us deeply inside. my mother saw your animation and she has been crying inside her bedroom since.

  9. A man taking a crap at a tube station platform! Where do you get your ideas from?

  10. I’ve never imagined body parts quite like that. Very abstract and wonderful. But if I may ask, just what are they building and where have they been?

  11. Outstanding! An animated biography of the late, great Warrington Minge OBE, set to Kopfenhalter’s fuge for cottonbud nailclipper in C#! There I was nursing a six pack of Special Brew whilst quietly lamenting the lack of a fitting tribute ‘The Wookie Hole’s’ (as he was known to his friends) illustrius carear, when I happen across your masterpiece. Stunning, simply stunning. If more men were as daring as you sir, every living room in the land would have a Cannon Misermatic.

  12. Pah! It’s all derivative nonsense. The Goodies were doing this stuff in the 70s. I think their characters had clothing though.

    Nicely implemented tho.

  13. One minute I was clicking on the url, next thing I remember I was being held down by two security guards outside Madame Tussauds. You ought to put a health warning on that stuff.

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