Like Salam Pax… but reporting from Cricklewood. It’s a nonsense, of course, the current title of this weblog: a pathetic and cowardly reference to a much worthier blogger in a flawed and unsuccessful attempt to boost this site’s flagging google rank. However, it might not be so far fetched for much longer. Monday sees my sister (an electrician) fly out to Baghdad for ten days to play a small role in the rebuilding of the city. She’s agreed to document the holiday experience in these very pages, so blogjam might just be worth reading for a change. Stay tuned for further developments…


  1. Tell her to be careful. Iraq is absolutely bristling with dangerous WMD. I know, because my boss Tony told me!

    Lord B

  2. That’s why you can’t get a leccy for love or money, they’re all in Iraq.