famous friendsters

Random famous people on Friendster: you’ll need to be logged in to view these pages:

Franz Ferdinand.
Courtney Love.
David Letterman.
Graham Norton.
Bernard Manning.
Damon Albarn (who has somehow wormed his way into my social network).
Justine Frischmann
Richard Ashcoft.
Davina McCall.
Avid Merrion.
Robert Smith (also in my social network, although we haven’t spoken in years).
Nick Cave.
P.J. Harvey.
Cliff Richard.
Stephen Hawking.
Billy Corgan.
Woody Harrelson.
Jack White (in my social network).
Meg White (not in my social network).

Disclaimer: many of these famous people are liable to be non-famous people pretending to be famous people. Apart from the Billy Corgan one. I think that’s real.


  1. fakesters as you call them. funny you should mention billy corgan, because one of the first famous persons i’ve found in my social network is james iha, and i am pretty sure he is not a fakester, because he is so low key and you sort of have to guess it is him.

  2. so that’s nice. Courney Love, Jack & Meg White and the obvious others (connected to you, Fraser) are in mine.
    Also Vicotria Beckham is a friend of Davina McCall. Bless!

  3. Cliff Richard is a real singer. He is from England and is their version of Elvis Presley. He has ben singing since 1959. He is a Christian.