spot the difference

My sister’s weblog is getting quite exciting. As I write she’ll be driving across the Western Desert from Amman towards the Iraqi border. This is the same journey recently undertaken by Matthew Parris in the Sunday Times (registration required):

Every hazard has left its visible toll. Desert shows its scars forever; nothing grows back, and the roadscape is a sort of statistician?s chart. The burnt-out hulks of tyres, trailers and whole cars are a common sight to either side; even more chilling are the hundreds of simple scorched black patches in the dust ? wreckage and bodies long removed. If roads could speak, what stories could they tell!

She’s also been promised the opportunity to spend some quality time mastering an AK47.

Today, meanwhile, I went to the shops and watched some television.

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  1. You know ‘ve never even met your sister and now I worry *every* time I watch or hear the news. The blog is great though, again, if you speak to her, wish her lots of luck from me.
    And frilly knickers? Blimey!