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I’ve had sex twice within the last few hours, and with a different person each time. The first time was with a Canadian called Natalie, whilst further fornication took place with another of our trans-Atlantic cousins, this time by the name of Mimsybee. I’d like to tell you that each experience was a truly revelatory moment, but apart from a few brief seconds of wild passion, with multiple numbers of spindly legs tending to get in the way of things, I have very little to report. The fact the neither partner actually agreed to partake in this course of action is another matter altogether, but I think I can live with myself.

I’m referring of course to Breedster, the newest (and sauciest) online social network, which is filled with all kinds of humans pretending to be insects who wander round and, frought with horn, have sex with each other. It’s quite simple. Someone has sex. This produces an egg. The egg turns to pupa. The pupa becomes an adult. The adult has sex, and the cycle continues.

To join in the fun you must be invited by someone who has produced an egg. I have a spare egg. I was thinking of flogging it on eBay (it’s only a matter of time before someone does), but instead I’ll offer it up for grabs here. Any takers?


  1. Sure. Sounds like it could be fun…

  2. would love to have an egg!

  3. Rich, the egg is yours. Mary, you’ll be next.

  4. This sounds like the best thing ever. If anyone has a spare egg, I’ll be eternally grateful.

  5. Rose, you’re in the queue. With a surname like Tagliatelle, I want you as part of my family.

  6. if anyone has a spare egg, i’d love to try this out.

  7. i would love to try this :)

  8. Hurrah, cheers Fraser. A new addiction! And such a worthwhile one. If only those bastard insects would get off my food patch.

  9. Glad to be of service. Alex, you’re next. I just need to munch on some tasty grubs to build up my energy.

  10. if it isn’t too much trouble, i’d like an egg

  11. if anyone is interested in eggs, i have 11 or so free right now, and my wife has 23… email me @ and i’ll happily pass a few on before they’re no longer good…

  12. Hey, I thought Iubatron was your daddy. What happened?

  13. Sorry about that Luba – needless to say I’ll always look up to you in the way a son should, despite the lack of a genuine blood relationship.

  14. I’m out of energy already. And I still haven’t found anything to ingest. Hng.

  15. Don’t worry. Your energy increases 10% every hour when you’re resting – you’ll get there.

  16. I want an egg… but since you don’t know me, I expect I’ll have to steal one elsewhere.

    And how can you look in the mirror after shagging someone with the name “Mimsybee”? that’s just wrong.

  17. Pie, you have an egg. Anyone else?

  18. long time reader, first time commenter.

    i’d love an egg :)

  19. Hooray. You’ve been invited.

    Anyone else?

  20. Please can I have an egg, this looks like an excellent way to spend valuable work time.

  21. Of course you may, but you need to give me a vaild e-mail address. The one you left doesn’t seem to work.

  22. Could I have an egg please?

  23. me too? i’d love to see what this is all about

  24. Hey there — this looks like fun. If you wind up with a spare egg, I’d be much obliged if you could throw it my way ;)

  25. I’m interested. What better way to put off homework?

  26. I’d love an egg if there are any more to spare. I’ve been reading Kafka to get into character…

  27. Never heard of anything before like that… sounds interesting… umm if u have an extra egg i’d love 4 u 2 give it to me… heh

  28. egg me!… pretty please

  29. To all potential bugsters – beware the STDs! Reincarnation is your only option…

  30. Quite. Heed fishboy’s warning. I have contracted an STD and am unable to produce fertile eggs. Sorry eroica…

  31. I too would love to have an egg… any chance someone could pass one on to me even though i don’t know you?

  32. if anyone gets a spare egg, i am always looking for ways to not study!!

  33. Ow Ow, Egg me!! Pleaase! Will be a productive (or is it reproductive?) member of bug-society!

  34. Ooops! Did not include an email address, try

  35. I would love to have an egg!
    Thanks in advance

  36. still got one? thank you in advance if you do. :D

  37. I was spawned from a lovely lady from Norway. (Mom: thank you forever!)

    Breedster is the best thing to happen in a LONG time: smart, well-designed, educational, and fun!

    Children in science classes should be introdiuced to breedster!

  38. Does anybody have an egg for me? I am so very very curious!! My email address:

  39. plz can i have an egg, i would love to create some babies