wendy mitchell

Blog alert: A while ago I wrote about a long weekend I’d spent in The States, where I was fortunate enough to spend an evening trawling some of Manhattan’s less salubrious dive bars with Wendy Mitchell, author of a fine book on that very subject.

Now she’s started blogging as an extension to the dayjob, and you can keep up with her adventures as she hops from smokey cellar to glistening movie premiere. She’s that kind of girl – in a recent Gothamist interview she name-drops gloriously; Jim Jarmusch, Sophia Copola and Quentin Tarantino in one short paragraph.

So go read her weblog. Her life is more exciting than mine, honest.

Meanwhile, back in London, I played Badminton this evening then watched some football on the TV. See? Doesn’t really compare, does it?


  1. You played Badminton? Woo! Who with, did you win?
    Wow… i wish i was cool enough to play badmonton.

    And what did you watch on TV? It sounds great!
    Ohhhh Fraser – your life. You know we all wish we were you. Who needs famous friends – we’re reaching for the stars just by reading your words.

    or something :)

  2. I played my friend Matt, and won 15-2, 15-6, 15-7, 15-0. Then I went home and watched the second half of the Chelsea game. Then I wrote the entry above and went to bed, crying myself to sleep as I considered my empty, shallow, worthless existence.

  3. I would be glad to live in london.
    my town has only 300 000 boring inhabitants.
    and I can’t play badminton.

    poor me

    but I have the best job in the world, so I stay here.

  4. What job do you have?