I’m back, and I’m knackered. I won’t go into too much detail, so here are some key phrases that may give you an idea of some of the highlights: sanding, proving, preparing, water-proofing, emulsion, satin, gloss, anti-damp paint, hammerite, wire-brush, four-metre roller, mulching machine, vegetable garden, twelve-hour working days in close-to forty degree heat, Joey the dog, two cats, four books, a dozen bottles of Cava, the best food ever, aerial photography of Laura’s cleavage, a bar run by lovely lesbian ladies, ants, flies, mosquitos, a scorpion, several wolf spiders, many many goats, thousands of snails, a hippy nudist colony, me getting my hair cut short for the first time in almost exactly 22 years. Good night.


  1. a haircut? give us some pictures, pleeeease!

  2. Next year – Ewe-topia!

  3. Skin-eeeeeeeeeeeeead!

  4. Jam boy's dementor

    Hey Fraser. I wanted to alert your attention to a recent news scam. As an obvious fan of jam you may have been interested in the story of the boy who eats nothing but jam sandwiches which has been flooding the novelty news market. However, it has been revealed that not only does ‘jam boy’ as he is nicknamed eat chocolate cereal for breakfast every day, but also slices of chocolate cake washed down with two pints of milk. This story is therefore most misleading and I think he should be flogged and forced to eat bovril and custard tartlets until his bowels run clean. I hope you agree. Let’s call it flogjam. Will you help me catch him? Glad you had nice hols. Peeved.

  5. when are we lunching? I want to see yr short hair.
    I also want to see u and do the chatty thing.

  6. and still, you’re best piece of writimg, is not there. As much as I like Lionel, I wanna read you’re Wichita thing.

  7. You got your hair cut!!!!
    I won’t believe it until I see a picture…

  8. aaaaaaaaah! haircut, my!!!! you gotta organise a big lunch for all of us, and try and convince us it is really you standing before our eyes!