las almendras

Bollocks to this, I’m off on holiday. It’s likely there won’t be any posting round these parts for the next week and a bit, as I’ll be busying myself painting a farmhouse (it’s not all pleasure) and lazing about in a genuine spring-water swimming pool.

Needless to say, I booked this trip before I discovered the existance of Devon’s premiere tourist attraction, The Big Sheep, but that can wait for next year, Ewe-topia and all.

For anyone despairing at the absence of blogjam updates from your screens (and there will be thousands of you, surely), I’ve set up a useful service counting down the hours until I return to Blightey’s fair soil. Hasta la vista, my friends.


  1. You are not going to visit the big sheep at Ewetopia? Are you crazy? :)

  2. Only 12 hours to go!

    Come now Fraser, tell us the stories and show us the photies!

  3. The Big Sheep is utterly the best place for a day trip ever. Something for everyone, including a bunch of the hunkiest Antipodean sheep wranglers I have ever seen… *drifts off into reverie*