bad fellas

My mate Bowers has been at it again. This time he’s been cooking pasta, using a razor to slice the garlic so thin that it liquefies in the pan. This has enabled him to come up with a glowing tribute to the genius of Martin Scorsese’s screenwriting. So keep and eye on the sauce and watch the helicopters (audio NSFW).


  1. cutting garlic with a razor is tribute to scorcese – its in goodfellas, right? I’ve always ended up bloody when I try it, so I stick to lumps and a global knife.

  2. As an italian american, I found this work highly enjoyable, entertaining, and right on the money. Nobody likes annoying little pricks like Joe Pesce’s character, so the finish was particularly satisfying. I grew up with people like this!

  3. lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    nice page dude