cunt vs kittens

I’ve decided to mark the continued success of the Random Kitten Generator by giving it its own domain, I’ve also been studying the search terms used by people coming to blogjam via Google, and they make for somewhat interesting reading. So far this month, people have used 5075 different search terms in finding this site, and the top twenty (apart from one or two obvious exceptions), are all varying combinations of the words ‘kittens’, ‘pictures’ and ‘cute’. Close examination of the statistics suggests that kittens are, as a percentage of overall search terms used, 59 times more popular than cunt. This, I feel, reflects well on the power of kittens and on the health of the Internet itself. It’s not all sleaze, you know.


  1. Margaret Middleton

    am I going to have to change my bookmark to the kitten generator now that it has its own domain?

    actually, I thought the one in the back support device was as much sad as cute.

  2. You won’t have to change your bookmarks – the old address forwards to the new one automatically.

  3. Fraser

    Good to see that after only a couple of weeks, “cunt” is already at number 7.

    That’s impressive in my eyes.

  4. i cant see any words for talking about cunts