odd erection man

I’ve been meaning to post about Odd Erection Man for several months now, but others seem to have beaten me to it. Every night when I leave work he’s standing by the same fountain on the corner of Piccadilly Circus. Initially he held a picture in front of his eyes, a ghostly white shape on a blue blackground with the words ‘Odd Erection’ scrawled beneath. After a few months he dropped the picture and started wearing a t-shirt adorned by the same picture and phrase. More recently he’s gone a step further, and has taken to holding a banana in front of his groin, which he can often be seen tugging at in a rather suggestive fashion. He seems to have been noticed by others too (check out the second photo down, which shows Odd Erection Man’s regular fountain haunt), or at the bottom of this page, or even on the anti-war march earlier this year (scroll down). Who is he? What’s his dark secret? What does he do with all those bananas?

Answers on a postcard…


  1. Hmm – curious – a looked at all those links – and one of them has a comment on – someone talked to him and he says he’s an art student.
    i was an art student too – but i skipped that bit of the course, I think.
    Mind you – there’s not now a bunch of people talking about me and my picture all over the web.

  2. So I see you’ve found my crazy Uncle Don. He’s late for dinner.

    Send him home at once.

  3. American w/too much time

    Maybe it’s a word play = “Odd direction”

  4. If it weren’t for the Elvis sunglasses he’d look stupid.

    Personally I like the busker/street person at Southwark and High Borough. He doesn’t actually ask for money. He just keeps teeling people, “God Bless you.” And I’m not even religious.