charity appeal

I’ve always admired those people who set up online campaigns to raise money for themselves to purchase breast enhancement surgery or buy their way out of debt. They must be tremendously thick-skinned folks, I imagine. The very idea of publically drawing attention to any lack of financial acumen is a no-no, and the arrogance involved in thinking that people will actually care enough to donate simply beggars belief.

Suffice to say, you’ll never catch me involved in any scheme that crass. No way. Never. Not me.

Damn. My will broke.


  1. i was trying to leave £1.40
    but i couldnt remember my wifes penpal number


    i will

    every little bit helps.

    i know

  2. I have sent you all the change I have in my pocket.

    I hope you’re collecting air miles.

  3. Woo. I’m 0.12778% of the way there!

  4. you’re not having my damn money. I have to spend that on shoes.

    In fact I may just steal your idea and see if I can get me a pair of those red pleated satin Louis Vuitton court shoes by Christmas… HA!

  5. Good luck with that… Bring me back something evil.