acne favour

Today I received lots of spam. There is nothing unusual about this, apart from the fact that I decided to buy everything the messages told me to. I now wear an imitation rolex, have a ten-inch penis that stays hard all night long, and have brokered myself a mortgage deal with extremely favourable terms based on future monies earned from a little business deal I signed with a Mr Larry Odogwo of Lagos. I also paid close attention to the following:

I am the volunteer administrator for the Acne Resource Center, an informational resource about Acne; how it develops, the science behind it, and how to cope. In our efforts to promote awareness about acne, we have been looking for websites to exchange links with. I have taken a look at your site, and it seems as if it would be a resource that people might also be interested in viewing.

If you will link to “The Acne Resource Center”, located at (our website) and send me an email listing where the link can be found on your site, I will add your reciprocal link to our site within 24 hours. Please just let me know what you’d like us to link to (if you would like to include a short byline for your site, please include that with your email and I’ll be happy to include that as well). You will get free traffic to your site and we would get a database of quality sites to offer our viewers.

If you desire, but certainly a simple link alone will do, a sample byline for our site would be:

Come to the Acne Resource Center for acne information, treatments and the latest research. Get plain english answers to all of your acne questions and breakdown the misinformation and myths about acne.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Kind regards,

Travis Whitley

This sounds like a good deal. Acne can cause sufferers a great deal of social stigma, and the service that Travis suggests I promote certainly seems like a worthwhile option.

So I built a page like he suggested. I hope he likes it.

I’ve also written to Travis, as he requested.

Dear Travis,

Thanks so much for your e-mail. I don’t know how you got my e-mail address, but I’m certainly glad you did LOL!!!! I have made a special page on my website linking to yours. – it’s at I really hope you like it!!! If you could link back to me I’d be REALLY HAPPY!!! Please use the phrase “for all your aquatic needs, visit blogjam” I’d be really, well, ecstatic. Do you have a sister? Last time I played football I scored a hat-trick.



Needless to say, I shall keep you informed of any further developments.


  1. Just the right kind of “gullible idiot” speak in your mail. Well done!

  2. That was hysterical! (Okay, I’m easily amused). Just for that, I’m going to have to contribute to your North Korean adventure fund. One condition, though: You must wear your hair like Kim Jong-Il during the trip.

  3. Woo. Thanks David. You’re not the singer out of Pere Ubu, are you? If you are, then I’ve got your box-set.

  4. haha… it’s like they’re saying your site’s visitors are a bunch of pimple faced people with boils. I fear by posting here in the comments, it’s almost like admitting I have a face full of zits. hahaha!!!!

  5. pretty damn good ! nice one

  6. Thanks for tackling this tricky problem Fraser, but can you now turn your attention to stupid tossers with cranky “email names”? It’s like CB radio all over again



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  8. Cheers mate, brilliant.

  9. you are a wonderful, wonderful person.

  10. jesus man.

  11. That’s hilarious, it made me laugh. Even funnier because I’m writing an article for my blog about acne so I was researching similar stuff.

    AND I’m really impressed with the effort. Now do something funny for the Viagra emails …