banned words claims to feature “the best and largest collection of free adult content on the web”. Like many other websites, Adultsights has a list of ‘banned words’, obsenities guaranteed to offend the more prudish reader or attract undesirable types, words which are therefore barred from use. See if you can spot the odd one out.


  1. “CRABS” – the best cuss-word ever.

  2. I would look, but suspect it may be somewhat NSFW…

  3. “TIT BIT NIPPLY”??!! I also like “FUCK KNOB”.

    I would definitely like to try to get a shirt with “PERIOD” on the back. Interesting that you can’t have “DAHMER”, but you can have “MANSON”??

    I like lists of swears.

  4. You must have seen the list of words and phrases which you can’t have printed on your NFL shirt by now, over a thousand of them including every possible spelling of ‘lesbian’. I think ‘morbidly obese’ is still allowed though.

  5. I prefer the phrase ‘corpulent’.

  6. How the hell will a word insult somebody who is about to view porn. I mean I am not saying they’re bad people, but come on. And what the heck are we doing with smurf’s?!?! Nevermind, please don’t tell me!!

  7. Do people actually go into sports shops and say “I’d like a Raiders jacket with Cum Bubble on it please” ?, Yankee sport seems to be stranger than I’d imagined.

    On the other hand, could I get a scumchester shirt with “Sir Alex is a drunken tramp” on the back ?

    Also, my sexual education seems to be a bit lacking, what is offensive about “4-20, carruth, f toyota, hen house, neon deon or purina” ?

    And what on earth is a bumble fuck ?

    Are we going to be banned from wearing replica cricket strips with the phrases 3rd man and/or middle stump ?

  8. I actually “smurfed” myself last night while watching an old episode of “Baywatch”.

  9. Where was “vaginal blood fart?” I am shocked that the classics are fading fast. Classics like “4Q”, “Chuck Q”, “Phuque” and the printed backwards “3MTA3”. >SIGH

  10. I get offended when people call me “Quaid”. Also these words / sayings are equally offensive: “You son-of-a-gun!”, “Gaping, puss-filled hole of muck”, “you maggot-ridden, semi-hardened doggie poop, you.”, “little-willied willy-head”, “squelching-liquid-poo-filled-sock-wearer”… oh, i think i’m gonna be sick

  11. smurf…wow…that takes me back to my highschool days. smurf this!!