google map claptrap

If I wasn’t so busy today producing work of unparalleled genius, I’d have been playing around with the UK version of Google Maps, which has just gone online. While they’ve not yet introduced the rather dandy satellite technology the underpins the .com version (where you can zoom in on my friend Eric’s house in Chapel Hill, NC), great fun is to be had by searching for terms and then ridiculing Google’s answers. For instance: search for wankers, and the first result is Amnesty International. There’s plenty more. The results of a search for indie shite include both the Rough Trade Shop and The Dublin Castle. How apt. Search for poofs, and you get G.A.Y. and the National Union of Journalists. The worst food ever? Wagamamas. Tory Scum? The Countryside Alliance. Cheap Sluts? Yates’ Wine Lodge. Perhaps most impressively of all, a search for Nazis in London pulls up a list including Google’s old friends Yahoo. Someone call Simon Wiesenthal.


  1. Do ‘Fat Goths’ Frase, and it comes up with The Intrepid Fox. This is artificial intelligence at its finest. e-mail me. We’re having a BBQ.

  2. Searching for “arseholes” gives the Terence Higgins Trust. “Piss” gets Alcolhol Concern and Private Eye…. “Cunt” gets London Underground! This is fun!

  3. excellent blog you have here – shall enjoy reading it from now on!

  4. Teehee! This is fun…seems Google have more of a sense of humour than we thought.
    I just cant get over it…

  5. here’s one for you: type in “failure”, hit the “I’m feeling lucky” button and see what you get. by the way, I totally agree!