kitten commerce confession

I have a confession to make. I’ve sold the random kitten generator.

Built in ten minutes four years ago, the site has developed over time into a minor Internet landmark, bringing happiness to millions of kitten fans and at least two servers to their knees. I’ve decided to move on, though, cutting the apron strings, aware that at some point a child must face an uncertain future away from the comfort of the generous parental bosom.

I’ve no idea what the new owners have in store for the site – they’re a shadowy and mysterious Ukrainian outfit – but I hope they look after the kittens. It’s the very least they deserve.

And me? I’m going to plough my piles of lovely e-profit back into the web. Obviously I’m very upset about no longer being the kitten picture king, so I’m launching a devastating two-pronged bid to reclaim my title, and the first fruits of this labour are already online.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Daily Kitten.

Ooh, and I can book my holiday to North Korea. Hooray.


  1. does that mean i have to do the dairy morrissey now? bloody hell.

    how much did you get for them random kittens? in pounds sterling please. just three figures, four figures…etc, will do.

  2. daily morrissey even.

    although the dairy morrissey – a site celebrating morrissey’s close links to cheese, milk, etc, post meat is murder – will be my second project.

  3. Six figures. But that includes pence.

  4. Hi Fraser!
    I want a new kitten so I can send you a pic for the daily kitten.
    Do you accept kitten pics on emails?

    Hope you’re ok!

  5. High six figures I hope. Like in the nines. And, off-hand, would that be less or more in dollars? That is a funny site. I will provide periodic reviews and we should pull together a calendar for fun! l8r