I decided to make one of those clever panoramic photographs of the view from the roof of my flat.

It’s a bit bright today to get the best results – on a less hazy afternoon you can make out the London Eye clearly and see as far as the Crystal Palace Tower – but most weirdly there are two different buildings on fire in the shot, one of them featuring very obvious flames.

Anyway. Bollocks to this arty nonsense. I’m off to eat at The Fat Duck, supposedly the best restaurant in the World. Full report will follow.


  1. That’s beautiful, man. Thanks for putting the little annotations and everything on there.

    I await the Duck Report with bated breath.

  2. That is so odd – for two buildings to be on fire at the same time, just when you happen to be taking a photo. You sure there wasn’t some kind of sun/lense as magnifying glass thing going on? How long were you up there? Long enough to attack buildings far away with a beam of heat from your camera?

    You’re like an evil superhero. Fraser & his magic camera OF FIRE.

  3. Today another building was on fire, in the same area. It’s most peculiar.

  4. That’s lovely Fraser. The second building on fire was somewhere near Brent Cross Shopping Centre and it blocked the North Circular which we were travelling on at the time. When we popped out after a detour round Hendon people were lined up on the pedestrian bridge at the bottom of the M1 enjoying the traditional summertime sight of a conflagration on a hot day. If only an ice cream van had turned up, it would have been like a fete.

  5. was this on friday? i was up in Vertigo at top of Tower 42, and we saw what looked like buildings on fire in that direction then.

  6. The building on fire on Saturday was a warehouse on Seven Sisters Road. Came past it on my bike on the way in from Cambridge and it looked like it had been burning for a while. Lots of firemen.

    All the way into town I was worried it’d be my house in that selfish sort of way you worry when you see a big column of smoke.

  7. It must have been a third fire. That part of London isn’t visible from my place…

  8. Like a scene from 28 Days Later.