blowtorch action

I hardly ever check my technorati links cosmos – maybe once every couple of months, that’s all. Today I did. And here’s what people have been saying about me:

1. “That Fraser keeps on getting weirder and weirder.”

2. “This guy is crazy in an interesting way. The kind of guy you always want to visit but are too chicken to live with.”

3. “I’m in love with Fraser from Blogjam… He can come and run his blowtorch over by beef anytime.”

I think I like one of these testimonials slightly more than the other two.

Anyway, today I made chicken murgh makhani with a courgette and green pepper sabzi. I can’t be bothered to reproduce the recipes verbatim (and if I did, HFW’s and Madhur Jaffrey’s publishers might come after me with their highy paid legal lawyer folk), so here’s a complete set of ingredients displayed in cunningly random fashion, plus a couple of pictures.

Olive oil. Groundnut oil. Asefetida. Mustard seeds. Cumin seeds. Ground cumin. Courgette. Green pepper. Green chillies. Chilli powder. Natural yoghurt. Honey. Double cream. Water. Butter. Coriander. Salt. Garam masala. Chaat masala. Lime juice. Fenugreek. Ginger root. Garlic. Chicken. Tomatos. Tomato purée. Cloves. Black Pepper.

The first stage.

The final stage.

Go on then, you’ve seen how it’s done. You know what’s in it. Now go make your own.


  1. Looks yummy. I can’t be doing with cooking today though. I baked a huge amount of salmon fishcakes last night for the freezer. Vermouth and lemon. Honey and mustard. Gin and tonic (yes really!). Thai Chilli. Plum and Black Bean. Sesame. Garlic and onion. Yam. You name it, I probably made it. There’s now approximately 50 of the little darlings in the back of my freezer ready to be wolfed down at an appropriate social gathering in the next two weeks. Have you any idea how many potatoes that required? No? Well I’ll tell you: 20. 20 big arsed baking potatoes to be exact. Mashing was fun.

    Thank you for your link dear Mr Fraser. I would say it has given me ladywood but it hasn’t. Yet.


  2. I like this new approach to documenting recipes. Using the same approach

    1 Apple
    Some Toffee
    1 Stick

    Go figure

  3. Am cooking as little as possible this week as we’re having our kitchen bashed to f—er, done up. In preparation I made two large pasta bakes yesterday, portions to be microwaved as needed. Making a risotto tonight, oversize again, and the leftover shall be made into frittata. (Or is that fritatta?) Then I can enjoy a few days of minimum cooking and washing up, thereby leaving more time for the ingestion of wine.

    Perhaps I should do this every week.

  4. Can I offer a word of warning about Asefetida mentioned in your latest excellent food piece. Although it offers an exceptional authentic edge to one’s curry, it smells so bad that you have to buy it in a bottle inside another bottle.Do NOT dab a little behind the ear .
    It does however reduce , and on some occasions stop altogether , excess flatulence.