blogjam poll

By the way: I may let this run for a few days, just to prolong the agony. Or the excitement. Or the tedium. Depends on your point of view.

What would you rather hear?

  • The good news: 52% (210)
  • The bad news: 48% (191)

Total Votes : 401 – poll now closed


  1. Well I’m fucked if I’m commenting until y&mdash:oh arse

  2. oops – colon where I needed a semicolon. damn uneditable comments. that’s twice now, and that joke well and truly killed. :)

  3. Ahhh, go on, go on, go on. Tell us it all.

  4. well, bad news 1st and more bad news. good news are boring.

  5. Did you find a girlfriend ? Boyfriend ? Small furry creature friend ?

  6. You have sold kittenwars and become one of them there intarnet billionaires. Give us some cash, will yer?

  7. Typically the bad news is better first. Then you know you have something good to fall back on. Unless of course it really isn’t good news but just an ironic twist on the bad news and then it really doesn’t matter.
    I’ll be waiting anxiously to hear the news either way. I am just hoping that you’re healthy, anything other than that can be dealt with right?

  8. I like the dramatic tension you’ve introduced into Blogjam with this post.

  9. Get on with it Fraser, i go on holiday soon and the suspense is annoying me.

  10. Yeah, I am bored too.

    Its going to be something trifling, like you’ve got an in-growing toe nail or similar.

  11. you need a hobby

  12. The good news is he got a shag at last.

    The bad news is that it was with me.

    (Fraser is not the puking guy mentioned recently in my Blog!)

  13. Nope. Nobody’s close yet.

  14. You’ve found religion and you’re closing down the page? (Or maybe that’s a bad – bad?)

  15. The bad news is there is no specific news, good or bad.

    The good news is this poll kept us occupied for a few days anyway.

  16. I don’t want to give it away, but aren’t you a bit old to be playing professional football, even in League 2?

  17. The good news is this poll kept us occupied for a few days anyway.

    That’s sad news, and something completely different.

  18. Hmm, is it me or does it seem that the longer you
    keep us hanging, the higher the % of people that
    want to hear the bad news? A sort of subconscious
    punishment/wishful thinking, perhaps?

    Not me, of curse. Oops, I meant off course. Oops,

  19. I think Fraser was hoping to stimulate a bit of a debate about what the good news/bad news might actually be.

    I have a hunch that it’s advertising-on-the-site related…

  20. You’ve bought a flat (good news), but it’s going to take 2 years to build (bad news).


  21. GOOD NEWS: You’re not ginger anymore.
    BAD NEWS: You’re grey.

    GOOD NEWS: You’ve lost weight.
    BAD NEWS: It’s AIDS.

    GOOD NEWS: I’m drunk
    BAD NEWS: I’m posting on your blog. Sorry Fraser!

  22. is the good news that you had a very tasty looking poofy duck last night ?