NHS Kittens

So I’m at a pagan spring party in South London, talking to the nice doctor lady. For some reason or other I mention kittenwar, and her eyes light up. She tells me that the only reason that hospital staff are able to stay awake during marathon shifts is because they’re playing on the site.

Then she asks for my autograph.


  1. Maybe that’s why it took them 6 hours to see me and put a stich in my heavily bleeding thumb……lazy bastards…..sack the lot of em I say….. ;)

    But anyway…….did you get to see the lady doc’s pussy erm….kitten that’s what we all want to know ;)

  2. Goodness me, no. I was too shamefully drunk to attempt a decent conversation, let alone to enquire as to her pet situation.

  3. awww…..thats a shame, if only you’d mentioned your massive pork pies and (presumably similar sized) sausage roll, you’d have had her back at yours…..

    I know I would have gone home with you!! ;)

  4. Fras,

    Maybe you could sign a piece of paper, scan it in and post it on the site? That way I could print it out and add it to my photo album. I’m sure others would also find it useful?

    Yours thoughtfully,


    PS: Happy ANZAC Day, you still get to celebrate this auspicious day due to your place of conception and subsequent arrival into this kitten friendly world.

  5. I want to have your autograph, too. i’d prefer it on a pie.
    I understand you’re having less time cos you’re famous, but I’d like to hear from you more often. more delicious receipes and more romantic things, please:-)

  6. You could have like an army of willing nurses at the snap of your fingers.
    All because of a site about kittens.
    Information truly is powerful:)