propaganda poster poser

Last time I went to North Korea I brought back a trio of rather dandy socialist realism posters that Blogjam readers very kindly translated for me.

Rather splendidly, it’s that time again. So if anyone can translate the text in the poster below from Hangul into English, I’d be forever grateful. Personally, I expect it reads something along the lines of, “Hey! Did you spill my Taedonggang?”


  1. i bet it says ‘hello world, i’m tyranosaurus alan and i’ll have you for breakfast!’ or is that an ad for water?

  2. It reads: “If you are a woman over forty, take advantage of-” no wait.
    I think my Chinese co-workers only speak/read mandarin, but I’ll ask them.

  3. Oh, what a dork I am sending this to three Chinese girls;
    “It is unfortunately not chinese, probably from North Korea”

    Another reason to _read_ properly :)

  4. After hangulerising it…

    ?????????????. ??????????!

    …and pumping it throught the ever-reliable google translate:

    ‘Social attention military powerful country subject one pillar. Receipt old Mr. dignity first desperation unit!’

    My Traffic Lady poster said something about obeying the walking rules wide awake.

  5. Really? 1st Desperation Unit?
    I’m a lifetime member!

  6. "Look at the size of my weapon!"

  7. It reads ‘mighty trurocity first desperation unit will defeat forces of filthy northern imperialist new forest state in great battle at new wembally, many soft goals achieved’

  8. Ceci c’est pas un poster.

  9. I says simply –

    ‘Golf Sale’

  10. “Kim Jung-Il is hung like a cocktail frank.”

  11. Here’s what it says, excuse the odd phraseology, doesn’t translate exactly and some meaning is implied; it is 2 slogans separated by a full stop.

    “The utmost support of the socialist military strong nation”
    “The first fearless brigade of protecting the leader”