1. my head’s still spinning. if that’s how terrifying their rollercoasters are, i’d hate to think how scary their alledged nuclear bombs could be.

  2. Jeez, that thing looks like it’s held together with chewing gum. You’re a brave man, Sir.

  3. Hail the brave Dear Leader and his Juche-led glorious rollercoaster built from entirely 100% Korean know-how as part of our nation’s enlightened military-first strategy!

    Do not let Western slander denigrate this workers’ triumph of engineering and self-determination!

    Long Live the Juche idea!
    Long Live Kim Jong-Il!
    Long Live DPRK!

    / Have spent far too long on Asia-Pacific desk

  4. Did you see any North Koreans riding that wild beast Fraser?

    • Yes. It wasn’t in action when we arrived, but there was a large queue, which we skipped. Then it was kept open, at least while we were there.

  5. How are you gonna keep ’em down on the collective farm now they’ve seen Eurodisney?

    Fantastic. Like Weston Pier.

  6. That looks like space mountain if they turned on the lights.

  7. That’s actually my kind of rollercoaster!

  8. Disappointing – not the scare factor but the fact that the cart and every turn didn’t have pictures/paintings of their oh so self puffed up Kimmy-boy.

    They need to take a closer look at DisneyCorp, you can’t walk more then a few meters without seeing something with Mickey Mouse on it.

  9. Prepare your self for the mildest ride of your life!

  10. This could very well be a small roller coaster at a very small amusement park barely eeking out a living. Ya’ gotta’ keep it in perspective. It’s not neccesarily representative of the best they have.

  11. Is that a line of people waiting to ride that thing that I saw briefly? Did you have to wait long to take that ride?

  12. The scary part is not the ride but the rickety construction of the track.

  13. Why don’t videos of North Korea ever show any people, other than The Leader, some soldiers, or a few trenchcoated figures scurrying in the distance?

    • You don’t get many opportunitires to film regular people, and filming isn’t generally encouraged in those circumstances anyhow.

  14. Yeah, the sad thing is the only roller-coasters in Romania are exactly the same, probably built from the same 1960 soviet design. The difference is that Romania got rid of the communists 18 years ago.

  15. Amazing, everyone comments on how badly built this coaster looks, yet to me, it looks a lot like those fairs that pop up in American Shopping mall parking lots over night.

    People seem to trust those things, even though they’ve been put together and taken apart hundreds of times, weakening every bolt holding it together. Not to mention the fact that someone did the whole thing in three hours.

    But hey, it’s cool to pick on Commies, right?

  16. You are a very brave man.

  17. Ha Haaa… Silly poor people. What are they thinking, not having a 5 million dollar super-coaster? I bet the 10 year olds hate it. I’m sure Africa has some just as PATHETIC!

  18. i actually want to defend this rollercoaster! it looks rather good! i mean it might actually be scary, some quite sharp corners! and its rocking quite a bit! also quite high and looks rather old.

    gee you dont need to spend millions to make a good ride!… i do actually think this one would be fun!!!!!


  20. and they are developping nuclear devices…incredible!

  21. It’s like a theme-park version of a stair lift =)

  22. ultra boring

  23. It reminds me of a kiddie roller coaster we used to ride in Baton rouge. It was at this crappy little amusement park called Fun Fair Park. There was a small roller coaster like this called The Wild Mouse and one about twice the size called the Galaxy. Both were rather tame. The will Mouse was tame for a ride, but its ricketiness was what made it scary. You never knew if the thing would fall apart at any moment.

    • You’re right, that’s a Wild Mouse. We have quite a few in England. It’s a mass produced roller coaster designed, as far as I can see, for very small amusement parks and travelling fairs. The terror indeed comes from the general feeling that the whole thing may disintegrate at any time.

  24. me rekuerda al 7 pikos de aki de España. Es muyyy triste. aqui por lo menos tenemos la warner

  25. i can see some illiterates here…
    let’s make it easy, like Sesame Street:

    NORTH KOREA —-> member of Axis of Evil team
    SOUTH KOREA —-> producers of cheap cars end electronics

  26. me cague de miedo

  27. Vaya una mierda de montaña rusa, jajajajajajaja.

    Da mas miedo el columpio del parque de mi barrio que esta porqueria.

  28. Vaya basura de montaña rusa….
    Los comunistas estos se tienen que aburrir tela, jeje.

  29. YOU HAVE BEEN BOINGBOINGED…………………………………….

  30. I was at that coaster just days before you. You are braver that I was for going up on that thing. I particularly liked the one ride that tries to shake the riders off!

    BTW, your first trip inspired me to go to DPRK.

  31. Well, actually i think you could take a lot of time on watching the forest, and they have a lot of forest! May they mean to hide their terrifying nukes… as their rollercoasters.

  32. You all read wrong. It was named Pyongyang Roller TOASTER XD

  33. Wow!!!! That 1950’s era rollercoaster is almost as up-to-date as their 1960’s era tanks and artillery. It really is the Worker’s Paradise over there.

  34. eso si que da miedo jajajajajaj

    un saludo yonkis !

  35. OMG !!!….zzzzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzzzz…

  36. public transport here is more exciting indeed, that’s what the megalomaniac mind of the retarded gov in korea calls rollercoaster?

  37. Looks more like the tracks of a run-away train.

  38. Reminds me of a local roller coaster that existed in the 1960-70’s called the “Mad Mouse” is was made to run that way–part of the scare factor–seemed liked the same ride pattern to me too, but that was 35 years ago. thanks for the video

    • Those rollercoasters still exist …

      The one I used to operate at work was from the 1930s.

      Of course all the wood had been replaced as had the cars and the track at various points of time … so really it was just a replication of the design.

      But yeah theres one at lkuna park in sydney as well … and most of the people who went on it at my small theme park thought it was the most terrifying coaster for the pure fact of how rickety it felt.

  39. I should have stated the Mad mouse was in Schererville Indiana at Kiddie Land, now suburban sprawl.

  40. Theory Propaganda Campaign

    Theory Propaganda Campaign says: this is ONE scary roller coaster.

  41. Pathetic roller coaster…

  42. vaya mierda de atraccion no?? ya se que en castellano nadie me entiende pero es igual, vaya paja de montaña rusa. el coreano estaria flipando pero k xorrada…en fin!

  43. I used to work in a theme park and opperate the rollercoaster there.

    To me it looked like they’d taken the design from a wooden rollercoaster (also known as wild/crazy mouse rollercoasters).

    The design of the rollercoaster itself it to make it feel like you’re going to come flying off the track. The corners are extremely sharp and because the frames are built of wood the wood flexes making it bounce around a bit and whatnot.

    That said, it looks like that rollercoaster is metal … and very rusty metal at that. Maintenence must be low on greasing the track too sicne it was making a very melodic scraping sound on each turn … :|

    Indeed a very game move if I do say so myself. Congratualations :)

  44. Who needs speed when you’ve got low-quality construction to get the blood pumping? :-)

  45. Child: Mommy, this ride’s exciting.

    Mother: No honey, that’s fear.

  46. i am elvis fan

  47. You think this is an example of a morally bankrupt regime? I have been on similar rides at the Sydney and Melbourne Luna Parks, and they were far more disturbing on the fear factor. I mean they really DID feel like they were going to break at any minute, and the hand break operators (YES, really…) were all slouching around, texting their friends and generally paying NO attention. Give me the Pyongyang cutie any day.

  48. Fuking Boring

  49. If anything, it reminds me of the “Runaway mine cart” ride at Alton Towers – which is bloody good fun, come to think of it.

    Can’t help wondering if the cars on the Pyongyang Roller Coaster are bugged, in case anyone decides to spend the precious minute of privacy the ride affords planning sedition against the Beloved Leader.

  50. That’s so sad. The thing propbably only runs for 10 minutes a day once a week. There’s not enough electricity to run the lights In that place, let alone the rollercoasters. They’re dying from lack of food. North Korea shames the human race. I’m trying to laugh.

  51. The setting is quite nice!

  52. Well . . . . . that was cock!

  53. those crazy communists know how to have fun!!!

  54. Now the world knows of our technological superiority! No one can take away the title of World’s Greatest Nuclear Powered Roller Coaster away from us!
    Long Live North Korea!!!!!!!

  55. I want my money BACK!!!!!!

  56. Hmm.. A tough decision.. starvation, beatings or execution by the N. Korean military or riding this coaster…?

  57. A brave, brave man! I’m sure the insurers will explicity exclude this from their medical & life insurance policies now that it’s been exposed to wider world! ;-)

  58. is that north or south korean? cos if its north then im sure it a marvel of modern science and every young boys dream, if its south then shame on them, use some of that movie profit and stop stealing rides from carrnies.

  59. It looks scary. It sounds scarier!

  60. Hi Jim. Photos i received. Thanks

  61. communism really looks exciting.christ thats medeviel i bet they have better roller coasters in the third world

  62. Looks like the one they used to have perched on the end of Weston Pier, but a bit safer.

  63. Ironically, that was the scariest looking roller coaster ride I have ever seen. It looks like the ricketiest old ricketty thing with rickets.

    You, sir, are a brave man.

  64. Hi,

    can anybody give me their contact number or email address pls?


  65. Much bigger, better, faster and scarier than any American made roller coaster!

  66. The pictures of the coaster looks scary enough!!! i want mommy! (seriously, those coasters are seriously rusted and have no safety stuff)

  67. I was in North Korea last summer and went to the Kaeson Funfair while I was there. That roller coaster is no longer there. Instead, they have all new rides. It was quite surprising because it’s something you would expect to see in the West. It had only been re-opened for 2 months when my wife and I went. We had to have a guide from the fair take us around and they put us at the front of the line instead of queueing. It seemed to be very popular because the queue just to get in the funfair was huge. It was a lot of fun and well worth it.

  68. “I\’ve never in my wildest imagination thought that I would defend DPRK in a discussion.”
    Your link would argue otherwise.