Kittenwar hits the Shops

It’s been out in the States for a few weeks, and reports of its presence on the new arrivals tables at Barnes & Noble have been creeping in, but today was what I’d been waiting for: being able to stroll into a shop near the office and buy a copy of the Kittenwar book.

And here it is, racked up at the Islington branch of Borders (disclaimer: I added the flashing arrow to the picture, it’s not real). Immediately I’m filled with concerns that have never bothered me about other books: why is it not discounted? Why is it on the bottom shelf? Why does the sign say that titles are cartegorised alphabetically by author when this clearly isn’t the case? What happens if I sign a few? Will people think I’m weird if I hang around for a while, waiting to see if anyone picks up a copy, before nudging them and introducing myself? Should I pick up a handful and add them to the new releases table?

Anyway, I’m very pleased. And so should you be. What’s more, you should immediately buy a copy. And if you’re American, you should immediately do the same.

Otherwise, I will be very sad.


  1. ordered along with the stars in the lid album. since you bought a painting from me i think it’s only fair i buy your book. although i do actually want kitten wars. it is more than a token effort. i can’t wait for the amazon box to pop through my letter box.

    i reckon you should have taken a load of your books and place them next to the works of sartre. i like to think that when existensialists need a break they need some cuteness in their lives.

  2. Hooray! Thanks mister!

    Anyone else?

  3. Who’s Kim, Kapiti and Sam? i thought you lived cat-less?

  4. Of course you should move them around! That’s what all good authors do. And start reading it and giggle when anyone walks past – then they’ll pick it up to to see what’s so good about it.

    Of course you may end up being ASBO’d and banned from all bookshops..

    I’m going to buy mine in person, in a shop. And I want a calendar. Are they big ones I can write on every day? I need a proper calendar as I keep forgetting stuff!

    • Thanks Wifey!

      I’m not sure if the calendars are in the shops over here – they were done by the US publisher, so you might have to go to Amazon for one. And yes, there’s loads of space to write stuff.

  5. Congratulations, it must feel great to see the printed, hardback version in a Real Bookstore where Real People shop!
    Again, my sincere congratulations.

    But I’m not buying a book about god damned cats.

  6. Hooray…..smell the glove is here

  7. Well done, Frase.
    I’m already in a quandry over the two on the front cover. Is it this hard all the way through?

  8. do puppywars and you will take my shilling.

  9. Woo! Congrats! I was excited enough seeing books I designed the cover for in the shops, I can’t imagine what it must be like seeing something you’ve invented and written and stuff.


  10. Playboybunnywars anyone?

  11. Hooray!

    Move the books to better shelves. Everyone does it.

    Watching “Stewart – a life backwards” last night, the author is shown right at the end removing a few Da Vinci Codes from the window display and sticking his book in there instead.

  12. Nice work Fras. I like their first album best…

  13. The game is out next year – I guess it’s a bit like Top Trumps, except that it’s a battle to the very death, with 100 cards.