I cooked for six at the weekend, and made too much. As a result, I am eating the following items for dinner every evening this week. Well, until Thursday at least.

Duck, chicken and pork tenderloin pate with spicy fruit mostarda

Originally the pate was served with a pear and saffron compote, which was very tasty, but I’ve got lots of mostarda in the fridge, it’s the nicest thing I make, and it goes beautifully.

Burnt Sheep’s Milk Yoghurt

This is basically a creme brulee made with yoghurt instead of cream, which gives it a slightly musky flavour, but it’s equally delicious.

I’m tempted to write out the recipes, but none of them are really mine, so I won’t. The pate is vaguely based on a dish by Gordon Ramsey, the mostarda 100% Mario Batali, and the yoghurt gleaned from the pages of the new St John cookbook, a work of triumphant, dizzying genius.

All this gastronomic grandeur was but a sideshow to the main event, some succulent, drop-from-the-bone slow roasted lamb shanks. Oh yes. But that’s all gone.

I will be printing out application forms for my next dinner shortly.


  1. aren’t you going to have any nice bread with the pate and mostarda?

    shotgun the first app!

  2. Lovely,

    We always enjoy lamb shanks cooked like that. A delicious variant is a slow cooked rogan josh type thing that the Mrs has absolutely nailed.

  3. My own paltry offerings seem so insignificant and unappetising in light of this.

  4. Are the sheep burnt by accident?

  5. That terrine looks fantastic – if you fancy bringing some into the office I don’t ming helping you eat it!

  6. I swoon.

    Now please tell us what you’ve done with your side of beef.