New Year New York

These are my plans for New Year:

26th Dec: Fly to New York
27th Dec: Daytime: helicopter ride over Manhattan, trip to Century 21 to buy underpants.
28th Dec: Daytime: Sopranos Tour. Evening: 1) Front row seats at the Moscow Cats Theatre (when I first wrote about this extraordinary outfit, back in 2001, on another website, it was called the Moscow Cat Circus. I wonder if the name change was a PC decision). 2) Dinner at Peasant.
29th Dec: Daytime: Train to Philadelphia, traditional cheese steak lunch at the Reading Terminal Market, afternoon browsing body bits at the Mutter Museum. Evening: back to NYC, on to New Jersey for American Football – New York Giants vs New England Patriots.
30th Dec: Afternoon: Basketball – New York Knicks vs Chicago Bulls, Madison Square Garden. Evening: Ice Hockey – New York Rangers vs Montreal Canadiens, Madison Square Garden.
31st Dec: Daytime: Open to suggestions. Evening: Seeing in 2008 with Gogol Bordello, live at Terminal 5.
1st Jan: Recovery
2nd Jan: Fly to Buffalo, travel on to Niagara, book into jacuzzi suite at the Oakes Hotel overlooking the falls. Continue recovery, spend night in luxury.
3rd Jan: Fly back to New York, evening meal (with a little luck) booked at Babbo.
4th Jan: Fly home to London.

Phew. Anyone care to suggest things to fill in the gaps?


  1. “Been drinking cleaning products all night! … open to suggestions..”

    – Tom Waits, Nighthawks at the Diner (1975)

  2. 27 Dec: Fly back from New York. Join S. Duck in front row of Weymouth Pavilion Theatre for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs featuring some bird out of Neighbours, fly back to New York.

  3. Matt from the lodge

    Try Gordon Ramseys Maze at London, especially the Blueberry and Lime Cheesecake.

    I was there last week and it was amazing

  4. Burgers at Corner Bistro on Jane St in the West Village. The queue is worth it!

  5. Hello,

    The famous ‘Love’ sculpture in Philadelphia recently did a quick tour of Europe. Oddly I saw it in the gardens of Chatsworth House (don’t ask).

    Anyway, in Philadelphia it sits there unprotected.

    In the gardens of Chatsworth it was surrounded by a tape saying ‘Keep out. Do Not Cross This Line.

    What a beautifully British image I thought : ‘Love – Do Not Cross This Line’.

    Wish I’d brought me camera.

  6. I wa sin NY earlier inthe year and went to Union Square cafe – the bar is really unique and a lot of ‘stars’ go there. I saw Matt Dillon on my visit.

  7. Fraser

    If you are still free on the 27th my suggestion is quite simple.

    Seeing as you are spending the majority of the rest of your days eating fancy food in fancy restaurants and attennding various cat-related shows / events, I would suggest getting utterly fucking banjaxxed at some suitable bar nearby.

    I mean going all the way there and remaining sober just isn’t an option, you need to spend at least a WHOLE day in a boozer getting swallied on a whole concoction of lagers, ales, zambuca, vodka, cocktails etc. I suggest a bare minimum of a 12 to 12 sesh and ideally one that ends in you completeley losing the power of speech or comprehension, that’s the sign of a good night out.

    See, simple! Simple, yet VERY effective.


  8. On the 29th try to score tickets to the New England Patriots vs NY Giants football game. You could witness history as the Pats head for an undefeated season.

  9. You must have connections.

  10. Wow, almost a month gone by and no post.
    Have you joined AA or something?

  11. Have very late dinner/supper at Blue Ribbon in SoHo. This restaurant is open very late. Once I sat next to Mario Batali at 2am while I ate my bone marrow.

  12. It seems no one has addressed the Buffalo/Niagara portion of your tour! How sad!!

    Perhaps you’d like the Albright-Knox art museum in Buffalo. It’s in a pretty area of town and features a strong collection of contemporary/modern art. Tourists also usually hit the Buffalo-style chicken wings at the Anchor Bar.

    Be sure to stop and take in the US view of the Falls & rapids. In winter, with chunks of ice zooming down, it’s really awesome. And you can get much closer to the water, which is neat. The Canadian side of the Falls is all casino and glitz. (But then, we’re probably just jealous ’cause all the tourists go there.)

  13. Ah yes, thanks – I’ve been to Balthazar for breakfast before. Perhaps it’s time to re-visit…

  14. Understandable … I guess. Well, there’s always Bar Masa. Thanks for the link to eGullet … Never knew about that.

  15. Oh yes, Other Music is a place I visit every time I’m in New York. It’s a tradition, much like buying underwear from Century 21.

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