Why this Weblog is Rubbish

It was the seventh anniversary of this weblog on December 16. No-one noticed, and it’s hardly surprising: a look at the number of posts made in each year since blogjam’s inception reveals a very ugly truth.

2008 (3)
2007 (50)
2006 (33)
2005 (99)
2004 (116)
2003 (158)
2002 (336)
2001 (425)
2000 (22)

If that’s not clear, here’s the decline in graph format.

Or, to put it another way: in 2001 I averaged 1.16 posts per day. Last year, it was down to less than one post a week. It’s a fucking disgrace.

To be honest, I’m surprised anyone still reads this rubbish, given that I obviously put so little effort into it (although I am surprised by the slightly increased post count last year over the previous). I know it’s easy in these new-fangled days of RSS feeds to monitor sites without actually having to visit them, but still… personally, I’d have gone elsewhere a long time ago.

I don’t even follow my own advice. Back in 2004, when New Zealand’s Net Guide magazine ran a feature entitled 47 key tips from the World’s best Bloggers, I was quoted (that’s how much better this site used to be) saying the following:

“Avoid ‘today I did this’ posts, unless what you did was extraordinary, or unless you can turn it into something extraordinary.”

Let’s examine the evidence, shall we? Here are ten things I did in 2007 that I didn’t blog about:

1) An amazing trip to North Korea
2) A fabulous time traveling round China by railway
3) A wonderful trip to Seoul
4) An incredible four days at a gypsy brass festival in Serbia
5) Quitting my rubbish job
6) A fantastic weekend in Berlin
7) Going to Paris on the first Eurostar train out of St. Pancras. Brilliant!
8) Holding a spectacular launch party for my book
9) Being interviewed by the BBC about kitten cuteness. Wow!
10) A brilliant afternoon learning how to bake at Paul.

Conversely, here are ten things I did blog about.

1) A track I listened to on my iPod
2) Another track I listened to on my iPod
3) Food in my larder I wasn’t sure what to do with
4) Accidentally clicking the wrong button while using Facebook
5) An Easyjet advert that looked a bit sexual
6) An e-mail I got from Amazon that contained a typo
7) Some problems I had with the Football Association website
8) Waking up and wandering round my flat
9) A friend starting a blog in Icelandic
10) Wearing a t-shirt

I really don’t know why you bother.


  1. It’s not that I don’t like the dull stuff, but there’s plenty of that around, written by people who DON’T have all those other things to write about. So, I vote for interesting (with photos).

  2. I’d like both please. And looks of food photos.

    Oh yeah, and pull your finger out, you lazy man.

    Have a great 2008.

    P.S. You spend a suspicious amount of time in Korea. You’re not Kim Jong-Il’s disguise are you?

  3. It’s not the quantity, it’s the quality.

    You could probably write about recipes for belly-button lint and make it interesting.

  4. To complete the transformation into a streotypical blog, why not add some unecessary rants about bus fares or something.

  5. I must ask you though, who is really the lazy one? You for not writing more or me for not removing you from my feeds. Eh…
    Since I will continue to follow it, I guess it really doesn’t matter what the hell you write about.

    • She’s trying to say that you should write more about her, Fraser.
      How about a Jenny-a-Month feature where you dissect the most incredible aspects of Jennifer’s laziness?

  6. Ah, happy new year!

    I love visiting your blog to hear about your culinary experiments, restaurant reviews and also have enjoyed your travel diaries.

    How ’bout you deep-fry some badger-poo or something?


  7. I voted #1, but you could have left the “sexy” one out.
    I mean, you recently invited just about ANYONE ON THE INTERNET to join you in the jacuzzi..

    I’ve been reading your blog for years and I’m not about to stop now. I’d rather give up alcohol. Then again, if I did, I’m not sure I’d be coming by so often..

    Happy New Year and follow SDs advice; quality over quantity.
    People like me are going to whine about it anyway :)

  8. Don’t despair! I started reading in 2007, after finding your posts on your trip to North Korea. They were great so I added you to my feed reader. Continued to enjoy hearing about your opinion of American football.

  9. I dunno, all of it. I never blog(ged) about any of the big stuff either. And I imagine it’s difficult to be pithy and ironic about North Korea.

  10. Unless they have exceptional kittens there…

  11. I demand Blogjam gets an emo blog makeover. Once more with feeling!

  12. I don’t stop reading this blog, because it was the first blog I ever read. found it by googling “embarrassing” ;)

    would be glad to hear more about your travels (and the planning).

    wonderful weird food. more of this, please!
    and how is it to live alone?

  13. Hmmm – travel bore vs. day to day humour

    it’s a tricky one

  14. It isn’t up to us to tell you what to write, my dear. It’s up to you to figure out the purpose of this blog. You will need to determine if this is going to be a personal blog written for your own amusement or if you’re want a more deliberately written construct that courts readers and garners outside attention. Once you’ve figured out what you what it to be, the question of what to write is solved and your readership will shift and flow accordingly.

  15. I’m still reading it and very much enjoy the read…

  16. Fraser, I’ve been regularly reading your blog ever since the auspicious day that a Google search for “giant scotch egg” (you really don’t want to know) led me gleefully to your pages.

    I don’t care how often you write, or what it’s about – I’m pleased whenever there’s a new entry, even before I read it. And if it’s a crap ‘un, there’s always next time. Personally, I will forever live in hope of more along the lines of the correspondence between you and the burger bar, in the Ring Cycle Pork entry…

    Please don’t start saving it all up for special occasions, but whatever you do don’t force it, for crying out loud – you’ll do yourself a mischief.

  17. If its fun or cathartic to write it, then carry on, if not – then don’t beat yourself up about it

  18. How about a blog on eating/making pancakes? I’m sure you could push the boundaries on this versatile meal.

  19. Couldn’t we just have a bith of both, oh, I’m so indecisive.

  20. oi! Where’ve you gone? I’m bored waiting for my dinner to cook, and at this point, frankly anything to read would do.

  21. Like the other posters. I still like your blog even if you don’t post so much these days.

    Interesting and boring, they are both good. You are in fact a genuinely interesting person, so even the boring stuff is amusing.

    And I also like the culinary adventures. You should invite all your readers to a barbie. I wouldn’t come though.

  22. You know what this blog needs? Some more posts about interesting but mostly gross-sounding food: i.e. your posts on tripe, head cheese, Pepto Bismol ice cream (!?).

    Somehow, I stumbled across your entry on tripe whilst searching for something completely different. It was awesome.



  23. haha, class!