my penguin friend

my penguin buddy

Woohoo! Confirmation has arrived of my successful penguin adoption. Look at him! Isn’t he cute! You can find him (her?) frollicking playfully in the penguin pool at London’s Regents Park Zoo, where he’ll be hanging out with all his penguin friends. Meanwhile, my name has been listed on a sign next to the pool, alongside the other donors. We are very special people indeed.


  1. Aaah!

    And that pool is indeed Grade 1 listed cool, as the link says.

  2. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen such a cute penguin! You should be proud. What a fine bird you have there, Fraser. Congratulations!

  3. Wow. That’s cute – seriously. I’m jealous – I wish I had a penguin as cute as that one.

  4. I just hope it doesn’t end in tears, I’ve been reading Scaryduck, your bird isn’t related to Moderately Evil Penguin is it?

  5. what a nice idea, right in time for christmas….heartwarming.
    hope he makes you a grandfather soon ;-)

  6. he actually looks a bit like you fraser

  7. Aww. Bless him. He’s lovely.

  8. Reminds me I have to go after my Tux tomorrow.

    Have a wedding to attend Saturday.

  9. Dabbling with the Dark Arts of Penguin-kind, eh?

    Well, don’t come running to me when they chop both your legs off with a blunt axe.

    Evil! Evil! etc…

  10. You are a daddy now!


  11. Those little black spots going diagonally across the breast seem to suggest a “Mr/Miss Penguiniverse” sash. And he’s clearly showing us his good side.

  12. Ah Ha! My legions of darkness are ready to pounce.

    Anyone got a fish?

  13. Penguins aren’t cruel, but we do need fish.

    As for Scaryduck. Don’t feel sorry for him, he is one sick duck!

  14. does it have it name. or is it just penguin?

  15. ok, ok, i have seen it now, there it is your love child!!
    does he get all of the blogjam estate when you pass away?

  16. poor guy