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    Photography, skiing, traveling, economics, finance, trading, psychology, dogs, cats, good food, cool people. Also collect domain names and do some real estate investing.


  2. Yep, with some kids it was smelly rubbers.

  3. **** STALKER ALERT ***

    Read the disclaimer on his page Fraser, surely to god the biggest discalimer I have ever seen.

    I wouldn’t be surpised if he intends to chase you for blogjam.com and TAKE OVER THE BLOGJAM WORLD.

  4. I had a cursory look at the impostor blogjam – I hate him already – his photo album of his trip to Eurpoe (sic) is enlightening in many ways, not least the photos of ‘cool’ Swedish clouds which are a clear case of life imitates art: in the words of the mighty Hugh Cornwall “Let me tell you about Sweden… (you know the rest)…

    and no penguins!

  5. “This weblog is Copyrighted and no part of it may be reproduced in any manner without written permission except in the case of brief quotations that are properly attributed (in which case you must notify me of the use). ”

    In recent weeks I have used the phrases “It’s in the”,”There is no” and fo course “Get squeezed”, do I really have to ask his permission to use them ?

    It’s a pity he doesn’t have his comments working, we could see just how far up his arse we could push them.

  6. lousy imitation. there’s only one blogjam!