it’s my birthday

It’s my birthday, and I’ll do what I want to. Hooray for me.


  1. hey its my birthday too lets be lovers

  2. Have a trophy.

  3. Happy birthday to the original Blogjam author and full-time genius.

    Unhappy birthday to your numerous stalkers and Andrew O’Conner-esque impressionists.

  4. Have a great one!

    I’m just some fella on the otherside of the world who reads your site religiously. (in case you were wondering =P )

  5. Happy Birthday!!

    IOU lunch (meat)

  6. many hugs to you!have a hella of a birthday.

  7. happy passover birthday frasier!

    blogjam makes canada very very happy. we’re all avid kitten followers.
    i remember you from way back at

  8. I thought that it was a good idea to have some beers to celebrate your birthday and then write you an email saying happy birthday and all, but I’m too drunk now, I’m afrraid..

  9. happy birthday to the man who taught us all how to say “bollocks to this”.

  10. Hippo birdie two ewes. How ancient are you?

  11. i’m late, as usual. happy happy joy joy anyway, dear fraser.

  12. Happy belated day to you!
    Now simmer down…..

  13. Yes yes happy birthday Fraser but that was 2 days ago – post something new goddamit!!!!

  14. …Do what you want to,
    Do what you want to,
    You would do too if it happened to you-hoo…

  15. Hippy belated barfday. may your day be blessed with a thousand chickens.

  16. hei the 5th is my birthday too! yay!
    (i know we don’t know each other, but i thougt that would make us some sort of members of the same genetic pool…)
    so i wish us two a happy birthday, if you don’t mind

  17. its a week late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY anyway. hope got all you wanted too.

  18. Old enough to know better now? :P

  19. Hey everyone it’s my birthday and I’m 21 yea! i usually hate blogs but it’s my birthday yea.