Paul the Baker, Redux

Today I received a call from Paul. It appears as though my last entry had created quite a stir at the bakery and, in between rustling up batches of baguettes and piles of petits fours, it was decided that action needed to be taken.

So, I’ve been invited to spend an afternoon in their kitchen, learning some of the techniques involved in producing the company’s fine fare, then enjoying the fruits of this labour over a glass or two of wine. Now this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you do customer service.*

This is obviously very exciting news, and I hope to be able to bring you pictures of this landmark event. Perhaps I’ll even take along one of my own loaves for expert appraisal, maybe my celebrated (by me, as no-one else has tried it) pain à l’ancienne. I retard the dough in the fridge overnight, dontcha know.

* Cadbury Schweppes, please take note.


  1. I think you can be just like a stone in the shoes, when you decide to.
    Pesky customers.

    I’ve worked in a convenient store, and believe me, we do take sessions in the back where we walk fast back and forth thinking about innovative ways of torturing that kind of customer. Viz. you.


  2. success!!!!!

    Make sure you get as many free sanwiches as possible so you can get me one.

  3. Well this is good news, but its not over yet. All is not ok, until you’ve ben there and they’ve treated you with the respect a paying customer, and thus someone who keeps them in business, deserves.

    Don’t forget they sold you a splinter…

  4. If I hadn’t only just got over the Big Brother racism scandal and now have to try to come to terms with Brittany Spears current crisis I may have posted something more pertinant to the whole Paul issue, but I do so I didn’t!

  5. the strange thing this incident has brought to light for me is how nice Paul’s is. i had never cared for the place. £3+ for a ham and cheese sandwich? They surely must be taking the piss. But after your very vivd description of the taste i thought i should try them inspite of the splinter incident. I have to say, they’re sandwiches are fucking delicious. They have found a new customer. I want pictures and a good write up of your visit. I am on tenderhooks. In the mean time i will buy another ham and cheese for lunch tomorrow.

  6. Good result! A bit of web power saves the day.