The Petcast

“Put down that rawhide bone, drop that ball of yarn”, it’s the Petcast, recorded every weekend in Las Vegas and broadcast to a theoretical audience of millions world-wide. This week’s guest was, you guessed it, me.

I was interviewed for the show via the magic of Skype, and talk about Cats In Sinks, Kittenwar, The Daily Kitten and the Random Kitten Generator. Oh, and North Korea. I’m not comfortable doing this kind of thing and hate the sound of my own voice, but I figure I had better get used to it as the massive publicity machine surrounding the launch of the Kittenwar range of products ramps up. Or something.

Anyway, it wasn’t too bad. The hosts referred to me as Frasier rather than Fraser throughout the show, but nearly all Americans do that, so they’re forgiven, and I don’t come across as being as cat-mental as I thought I might. Well, maybe a little.

Direct link to audio – I come on at the ten minute mark.


  1. Allow me to be the uninformed American representative for the masses…

    Is it Fraser (FRAY zer) as opposed to Frasier (FRAY zhur)?

    Obviously, I’m not a stunning linguist, but am I close?

  2. That’s correct. People never used to get it wrong before that damn TV show.

  3. sorry, but I can’t hear it. some plugin is needed. do I have to download something before?

  4. You’ll need Flash Player 9 to listen the embedded audio at the Petcast site. The other link should just download or play in your browser. Otherwise, you should be able to download it via iTunes for free.

  5. I tried it again and it worked. nice to hear you. I do love british english. but the las vegas guy had some strange slang.
    when do we see you on the tonight show with jay leno?

  6. love the interview fraser. I also found the presenters strangely engaging, although the idea to change the name of kittenwar to kitten feud was severly lame even if it was a joke.

  7. Fras,

    Do you have a cat?


  8. That guy should do something with that lisp. ESPECIALLY if he wants to continue doing podcasts. Christ.

  9. Wow, they were seriously excited by the sinks. That’s an odder obsession than the cats.

  10. yes, the lady seems to be a detective, seeing all the things around the sinks.

    what about “bloggers in sinks”?

  11. it was nice to hear your voice, Fra-ZER ; ) you sound kind and genuinely nice. i hope the book’s a success.

    I agree with Sigg3 – that lisp was difficult to sit through.

  12. Dear Fraser,

    I like sinks too. Especially with cats in them.

    Apropos of the Pepto Bismol ice cream experiment–when in Portland, Oregon I do hope you will drop in on Voodoo Doughnuts.

    “The magic is in the hole” Their Pepto Bismol and Nyquil glazed doughnuts are on hold because the county does not approve of foodstuffs coated with over the counter medications. Which means I probably can’t buy a Pepto Bismal ice cream franchise from you. Would go great with a voodoo doughnut, though.

  13. Uh, the guy with the “lisp” is probably one of the biggest freelance journalists in America. Check out He does have a hearing disability, which accounts for some speech impediment. But his other podcast, TheStripPodcast.Com, is one of the most successful celebrity-interview shows on the Internet.

  14. Right.
    Popularity treats speech impediments better than anything else.

  15. he combines pets with strippers? what a job!